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We have had such a great response from our customers for the introduction of our new fingerprint lock we now only have left hand locks in stock!

5 Latch Mortice Lock!

We are proud to introduce an enhanced version of the sales leader for the fingerprint locks market, the Keylock Euro.

Science is a double edged sword. While it gives us better means of protection, it also enables better means of bypassing this protection. Luckily, the constant innovation in technology means we continue to remain safe if we continue to use the latest technology. Fingerprint locks are a step above the traditional lock and key security systems. Unlike mechanical locks, the digital fingerprint locks provide an incomparable amount of improved security.

The Keylock Euro  incorporates all the ‘good’ aspects of the Keylock Slide fingerprint lock but pushes the envelope to 'great' with increased security. This fingerprint lock is designed to offer maximum protection with maximum features, just feast your eyes on the following list and you will understand how.

  • Automatic dead latch:

This safety feature is especially good against some of societies more unsavoury characters. As soon as you close the door, the latch is deadlocked into its position which may deter thieves and other uninvited guests.

  • 5 latch mortise:

5 steps above the typical single latch mortise, the five latch mortise ensures an intense level of security and protection. Although the mortise requires more efforts for installation,the results are worth it with the enhanced protection.

  • Finger print, key and pin number mechanism:

The versatile fingerprint locks don’t deviate from the age old methods of key and pin numbers. However, you can ditch the hassle of carrying keys and remembering numbers for the easier and more convenient fingerprint scans.

  • Easy to setup and record members:

The Keylock Euro is easy to setup and can be done on the lock itself. No need for complicated software and linking with computers etc. Fingerprint locks like these are easy and simple to setup.

  • 75 Fingerprints capacity:

No need to get spare keys made. You can easily store your entire family’s and friends' names in this fingerprint lock.

  • Stand along battery operated:

This keylock is also completely battery operated. You just need to put in 4 AA batteries and voilà, you're all set up!  No need for complex computers and laptop systems.

  • Weather cover for sensor:

The lock offers protection from dangerous weather too. This way the sensitive sensor remains strong and dirt free to ensure easy scanning of fingerprints.

So what are you waiting for? Change your locks. Get fingerprint locks to enhance your security and improve your preemptive measures. No one knows when bad times strike and no doubt it is best to be prepared.

  • Key Features:
  • Enhanced security with a 5 latch European mortice
  • Fits a standard 54mm diameter hole with a thickness of 34mm - 58mm
  • Add / delete individual users directly on the lock!
  • Stand alone (no PC required) - battery operated
  • 75 fingerprint user capacity - 78 pin number users
  • Fingerprint, Pin, or Key Access methods
  • ADA compliant handle
  • Easy setup and enrollment process
  • No software required - Management performed on lock directly
  • 4 AA battery with approximately 15,000 uses before replacement
  • Sliding weather cover triggers sensor to power on automatically
  • Fingerprints will not be lost if batteries fail & low battery warning alert
  • High grade durable sensor with 560 dpi

Warning: The fingerprint scanner may not always work with children younger than 6 years old or elderly people over 70 years old. The reason being is that their fingerprints may be too small or too wrinkled to read correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the maximum height from the face of the door to the top of the lock. I want to make sure there is enough clearance between my door and flyscreen.

The amount of clearance required is 75mm.

  • Is this lock easy to install?

    Being a mortise door lock it does required an intermediate level of skill to install.

  • Can anyone enroll himself and have access to the system?

    No. Only the person who know's the 8 digit master code is authorised to enroll new users.

  • How do I know the 8 digit master code?

    When you first install the lock it comes with a standard 8 digit mastercode which you change on first use to a code of your choice.

  • Can the fingerprint door lock work with young children?

    Because of the size of the child's finger, sometimes the fingerprint will not work on the lock and you may need to try more than once before its recognised.

  • How long will the lock last on a single set of batteries?

    Under normal use (10-15 accesses per day) the fingerprint lock should operate for a year on a single set of alkaline batteries.

  • How can I conserve battery life?

    The system goes to Low-power "sleep" mode after 10 seconds of inactivity; in this mode minimum power is consumed. Whenever the system is active (display on or driving the lock) it consumes maximum power. Avoiding "waking up" the system unnecessarily will extend battery life.

  • How long will the system stay in "sleep" mode without losing its setting?

    In sleep mode the lock can run for several years on a single set of batteries. Is is impossible for the lock to "forget" its settings even if the batteries are removed.

  • How do I know when to replace the batteries?

    When batteries need replacement, the system emits a warning beeping sound after locking or unlocking the door. It will give you about 4 weeks warning before the batteries go flat. When accessing the bolt, the motor will sound "straining" under low battery condition.

  • Do I have to reconfigure the lock when I replace the batteries?

    No; the system configuration and user information & data, are saved in non volatile Flash memory (similiar to the one used in jump-drives and MP3 players) data may be stored indefinitely without the need of batteries.

  • Can I use my finger on my left hand or right hand?

    The system is designed to capture data from either hand, as long as the fingerprint matches the finger of enrollment, the lock will function properly.

  • Can someone "steal" my fingerprint and use it in "Identity theft" scam?

    No. Your fingerprint is NOT stored in the system. The data collected during swiping is used to extract a mathematical expression of the features that make your print unique. This mathemetical representation is what is stored in memory. This method is both economical (small memory requirements) and secure (unable to duplicate the actual fingerprint).

Door Thickness 1.5" to 2.36"
Unlocking Methods Fingerprint, Code and Bump Proof Key
False Identification Rate <0.0001%
Password Capacity 78
Password Length 8 bytes
Fingerprint User Capacity 150
Resolution 560 dpi
Communication Method Stand Alone
Anti static Voltage >15000v
Working Temperature -33 °C / 60 °C

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