Would you like to sell our locks in your shop?

If so please contact us and we will give you a cost price for this service. We can provide you with a sample lock on a demo door FREE of charge for a negotiated trial period to display in your shop and see what interest you receive. If you want us to supply you, we will decide a quantity anywhere starting from 1 locks at a time and upwards. We plan to offer the latest in Biometric components and software.

Do you own a locksmith or shop which sells door locks?

Sell our fingerprint door locks in your shop to offer the most recent of technology which is taking the world by storm. Not many companies in Australia sell these products as yet so you will be getting in on the early stages. Become some of the first companies throughout Australia to sell these amazing new products.

To enquire about the Price Drop service please drop us a line and we will contact you ASAP with more information.

Otherwise to use your email software (ie; Outlook) click on the following email address: