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Ultraloq Ultraloq Ultraloq


Brand: Utec
Product Code: Ultraloq_BT_UL3
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Please click on this link to request a brochure for the Ultraloq

You now realize the old way of how you manage keys and protect assets isn't going to cut it anymore. The re-keying, lockouts, unlocked and left open doors, cannot and will not get in your way.

While your neighbours are still playing hide the key and taking a hit to their wallets because of having to continually service their locks, you'll be secure in the knowledge of what is protecting you on the front door. With the Ultraloq on your side, you'll have world's most powerful stand-alone fingerprint Smartlock access control system safeguarding you and your family. It will totally change your perception of key control.

Your new Ultraloq fingerprint lock gives you the freedom to not worry about lost, stolen, or forgotten keys ever again. Now you can use your fingerprint to effortlessly identify you are indeed the rightful, authorized person you claim to be! Simply place your finger on the next generation scanner and the door unlocks! The Ultraloq is made of a high impact zinc alloy lock body. This lock will not corrode, weather, or fade.

Welcome to the Rolls Royce of Biometric Access Control.

Don't have a SmartPhone? The Ultraloq gives you the option of a Personal Identification Code and fingerprint authentication.The first time you get behind the wheel of this new sensational locking device, you will be amazed at all it can do. From reporting of when and who entered, to centralized management of users, remote locking and unlocking using your smartphone, our new generation Smartlock makes it easy to put your security on the right path. This is heavy lifting times ten. And it's all at a price that will make your bottom line smile. Isn't it about time you deserve a lock that's as dedicated as you are.

Why pay for a conventional access control system when you can have a full access control and audit trail system for half the price.  Designed to be "Realkeyless", just knock on your smart phone to open the door, even when it is tucked snuggly in your pocket.

Simply download the app to your smartphone and you have the ability to remotely control your Ultraloq:

- Unlock your door with your smartphone

- Know who has access to your home and how

- Track who has entered and when

- Easily clone users from one lock to another

The Ultraloq has received many mentions including Cnet and Zdnet to name a few.

"...designed to be Realkeyless for maximum convenience and control"

"...major security breakthrough..."

"...the Ultraloq Smartlock provides a secure and intelligent method to guard the door."

...and let's not stop there. Here are some excerpts from customer reviews in the US...

"...entry is flawless", "by far the best smartlock I have come across", "more access features and methods than any other...", "setup was easy", "paired it via Bluetooth instantly", "setup within 15 minutes", "came with clear instructions", "installation took me few minutes", "package came with clear installation instructions","Their website based info, printed template and instruction sheet and even tools you need are supplied".

Key Benefits Of the Ultraloq:

  • Upto 95 users per lock
  • Anti-peep touch screen
  • Hidden backup key
  • 500 DPI CMOS biometric sensor
  • Fully programmable from your Smartphone
  • Easily download your Smartphone Apps
  • Powered by three AAA batteries which are supplied and provide one year operation
  • Low Battery alarming
  • Easy to read OLED screen
  • Reveersable Handle
  • Knock your smartphone to open
  • High-security ANSI rated (latch)
  • Rated IP65 - Waterproof, dustproof, humidity and jetting water tight. Perfect for Australian conditions
  • Long use life; lock constructed using heavy-duty electromechanical components.
  • Build to last Zamak Zinc Alloy cast enclosure with satin chrome or aged bronze finish
  • One-of-a-kind glass sensor coated and treated; highly resistant to damage
  • Comprehensive door control: open mode, (users do not need to present credential), and import/export of records
  • Easy programming at the lock or via your smatphone
  • Lock programming - LCD screen on inside of door allows for myriad of features available at the lock - individual user deletion, open mode, etc
  • Twelve months manufacturer's warranty

Warning: The fingerprint scanner may not always work with children younger than 6 years old or elderly people over 70 years old. The reason being is that their fingerprints may be too small or too wrinkled to read correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How many Ultraloq locks can be controlled by the App?

    There is no limit to the number of .locks which can be controlled by the App

  • Can this lock be installed on a pivot door?

    The strike plate supplied is suitable for a swing door.

  • What is the maximum height from the face of the door to the top of the lock. I want to make sure there is enough clearance between my door and flyscreen.

The amount of clearance required is 75mm.

  • Is this Ultraloq easy to install?

    Yes. The Ultraloq is designed to be a DIY installation. It is battery powered, no wiring required.  It should not take more than 10 minutes of your time, particularly if it is to replace a standard latch lock.

  • Can anyone enroll himself and have access to the system?

    Absolutely not. Only the Administrators are authorised to enroll new users.

  • How do I know the  master code?

    When you first install the lock it comes with a default digit mastercode which you change on first use to a code of your choice.

  • Can the fingerprint door lock work with young children?

    Because of the size of the child's finger, sometimes the fingerprint will not work on the lock and you may need to try more than once before its recognised.

  • How long will the Ultaloq last on a single set of batteries?

    Under normal use (10-15 accesses per day) the fingerprint lock should operate for a year on a single set of high quality alkaline batteries. This works out to be about 8000 operations. We do not recommend Lithium Batteries.

  • How can I conserve battery life?

    The system goes to Low-power "sleep" mode after 10 seconds of inactivity; in this mode minimum power is consumed. Whenever the system is active (display on or driving the lock) it consumes maximum power. Avoiding "waking up" the system unnecessarily will extend battery life.

  • How long will the system stay in "sleep" mode without losing its setting?

    In sleep mode the lock can run for several years on a single set of batteries. Is is impossible for the lock to "forget" its settings even if the batteries are removed.

  • How do I know when to replace the batteries?

    When batteries need replacement, the system emits a warning beeping sound after locking or unlocking the door. It will give you about 4 weeks warning before the batteries go flat. When accessing the bolt, the motor will sound "straining" under low battery condition.

  • Do I have to reconfigure the Ultraloq when I replace the batteries?

    No; the system configuration and user information & data, are saved in non volatile Flash memory (similiar to the one used in thumb-drives and Ipods) data may be stored indefinitely without the need of batteries.

  • Can I use my finger on my left hand or right hand?

    The system is designed to capture data from either hand, as long as the fingerprint matches the finger of enrollment, the lock will function properly.

  • Can someone "steal" my fingerprint and use it in "Identity theft" scam?

    No. Your fingerprint is NOT stored in the system. There are no Privacy Issues and your personal data is safe. The data collected during swiping is used to extract a mathematical expression of the features that make your print unique. This mathemetical representation is what is stored in memory. This method is both economical (small memory requirements) and secure (unable to duplicate the actual fingerprint).

Case Material Zinc Alloy
Dimension Front Panel 89 x 160 x 178mm Back Panel 84 x 160 x 178mm
Door Thickness 35 - 44mm
False Rejection Rate 0.001%
Finish Satin Nickel
Identification Time <0.5 sec
Reversable Handle Yes
Scan Area 22.9mm x 17.8mm
Sensor Optical Fingerprint Sensor
Unlocking Methods Fingerprint, Bluetooth 4.0, code
Wake Up Mode Activated Automatically
Weight 2.5Kg
Working Voltage 4.5V (Three Batteries included)
False Identification Rate 0.00001%
Password Capacity 95
Password Length 4 - 8 Bytes and with anti-peep technology
Fingerprint User Capacity 95
Resolution 500 dpi
Communication Method Standalone or Smart Phone
Working Temperature -35 to 55 degrees Celcius

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