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Fingerprint Biometric Technology no longer exists just in the fantasy world of James Bond.

Everyday its applications become part of our daily lives. What could be more familiar than a door lock or a safe? We offer fingerprint technology that will benefit consumers. For the average Consumer, we offer a diverse security product line with many new and exciting technologies yet to come. All at a great price.

We offer everything from Wholesale pricing for resellers to Price Drop for large projects. Take your time to explore our website and mark us as a Favorite. We will always be striving to add new technology and new services to make your biometric purchasing experience AWESOME.

A little about fingerprint locks...

Who we are...why we are here...where we came from...where are we going to...

Fingerprint Locks was started in Brisbane in 2008...but not by me. I purchased FingerPrint Locks in late 2009. Our initial plan was to ensure our reputation for technical support was second to none. I think we have done that with the evidence of some of the feedback we are receiving...see the testimonials below.

Now entering into 2013 our initial focus was to reduce the cost for the majority of locks we sell into a range approaching standard external locksets. In the majority of cases, we have been successful. Our next step is to add to the current selection of residential door locks but at the same time expand into commercial attendance and access control systems and also throw into the mix some fingerprint safes.

Along with these changes and on a more personal note, I will be applying for a Masters Security License this year to give additional security and peace of mind to all of our customers.

I am an engineer and have been involved in communications and network engineering for over 25 years. I have worked in a number of large Australian companies spanning from Television Broadcast to Satellite Communications. I like being part of leading edge technologies and when an opportunity came along to purchase Fingerprint Locks...I jumped at the opportunity. Seize the day...as they say. Australians love technology and biometric products, while still a relatively unknown product here in this country, they offer a new and innovative way to secure your home.

Since owning FingerPrint Locks, I have received a copious amounts of email from visitors with many questions regarding additional options and additional capability of fingerprint door locks. That is why I have decided to expand our products we stock. Our focus will still be on Quality but with a concentrated effort on ensuring our products are affordable. We now carry 6 products (with finish variations) from two different manufacturers in two countries. As mentioned, we are going to expand but our quality of service and support will remain our focus as we continue to grow our line of locks as asked for by our customers.

We are located in Kellyville, Sydney but currently only an online merchant. I don't have a shop front but for those of you who are in Sydney I am more than happy to meet with you for demonstrations of the locks. I welcome your questions, queries, thoughts, feedback and suggestions. I answer them all (except that rotten spam that anyone with an email address receives these days).

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