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Time, money and love; these three desires propel us and help us climb to new heights to attain them. They can also keep us from reaching our dreams. The time it takes to earn more money, for example, often leaves us short of time to spend with those we love.

When we are young, vibrant, and idealistic, everything seems possible and often is, but more often than not, growing older tempers us and teaches us the value of enjoying who and what we have in our lives. Loss teaches us to cherish the fleeting moments, just as true love teaches us how to be vulnerable; how to live with purpose.

It was these thoughts that Caren had on her mind as...

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James Bauer was tired and ready for a long, hard-earned break. Plans to travel west had fallen through at the last moment and in an inspired instant he had decided to travel south; as far south as he could possibly go: Australia. The past five years had certainly been thrilling and quite lucrative, but James had shifted gears quickly, from work to vacation mode and was now looking forward to a few long lazy weeks at his sprawling station.

He packed lightly, knowing every conceivable need would be satisfied upon arriving at his well stocked getaway. Sophie would have everything ready; the drinks, the food, their friends, their hammocks....

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What does a fingerprint lock have in common with a snowflake. Do you remember as a child running excitedly out into the snow to catch snowflakes on the tip of your tongue? Did you know why a snowflake is so special?

then read on...

He covered the cardboard circles in rich dark black felt and pretended it was crushed velvet instead as he carefully placed them in the freezer.

Then he washed his small mason jars again, even though he had already done so the evening before. Today'sexploration was all about perfection; the preparations, the conditions, and the trek.

His felt board would need another thirty minutes or so of the...

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