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It seems technology is advancing in just about everything, but you probably believe there are some things where technology won’t make a mark. One example may be the humble door lock, but what you may be surprised to learn is what you believed to be something out of a science fiction movie is actually available for your home or business today. Fingerprint locks are no longer just something you see on the big screen, they are now available for installation on your property. As exciting as all of that is, are they really something worth spending your hard earned money on?

The first thing you need to know before attempting to answer that...

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If we are being totally honest, there are very few of us who can get through the day without a little bit of help from our electronics. It may be something as simple a smartphone or the TV, or perhaps a lifesaver like the GPS system in your car. While we all rely heavily on electronic items, there is always the fear in the back of our minds that they are going to fail. Let’s face it, there is nothing out there that is made to last forever. Batteries will run out of juice, and electronic components will get fried and fail to work. You could spend your whole time on fear of this happening or you could get proactive and have a backup...

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When choosing a new front door for your home, there are a number of factors that go into the decision. Colour is often the first choice for many, followed by the overall design, which includes the type of lock and handle that features on the door. While some people are quite content with a pretty basic looking lock and handle, there are others that use this element of the door to show off a definite sense of style. The question then becomes whether that style becomes cramped when making the switch to fingerprint locks.

There aren’t that any people who are familiar with fingerprint locks other than those that they may have seen in the...

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What Not To Do With Fingerprint Locks

Embracing new technology means trying to re-learn how to do things that you have taken for granted for the majority of your life. When smartphones first came into the picture, how many of you spent time looking for the rotary dial? If you were among that group, you may be faced with a similar issue should you decide to make the move towards fingerprint locks. Keys may soon become a thing of the past if the awesome technology of fingerprint technology takes off as it should. It’s exciting to be on the cutting edge, but there are a few thing that you SHOULDN’T do if you get the new locks...

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If you watch your fair share of Hollywood action movies, you are sure to have seen more than one scene where the star of the piece somehow has to get the fingerprints of another major player in order to gain access to their vault or top secret lair. It’s all incredibly exciting stuff, but it may also be a surprise to learn that the technology in question is actually in use today. We are not just talking about biometric locks being used to secure secret vaults of super villains, but rather the average home or business that sits in plain view of everyone.

The reality is that keys have become somewhat archaic, with fingerprints fast...

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