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Technology has made many of the old devices that we used to use obsolete. Sure, there are some people who still love to hammer away on a typewriter, but the vast majority have made the switch to PC’s and laptops, aware that doing so is the best option. The changes that are made to everyday items are done to make things better and more efficient, yet there is still one old-school thing that we cling to despite the fact that there is a much better option out there. We are talking about using mechanical locks and keys instead of the biometric fingerprint locks that are now readily available.

We all feel as though we are safe and secure...

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The lock and key set-up is something that really hasn’t changed very much over the years, but in the days of technology being in control of everything, that is about to change. Fingerprint locks have been around for a little while now, but they are starting to advance to take advantage of how people have become so attached to their smartphones. Everyone now has a mobile device of one kind or another, so why shouldn’t we have locks that can be operated by using an app on your phone. That is exactly what you get with Smart Locks, and there are 5 great reasons why you should be using them on all the exterior doors in your...

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When it comes to protecting your home, you can’t really put a price on security. The problem with loading up your house to be secure is that by making it difficult for burglars to get in, you can also make it a little tougher on yourself. Do you really want to spend a few minutes opening locks, sliding back deadbolts, and basically acting as though you are trying to access a bank vault? Or do you want a secure home that you can get into easily, but bad guys will have a nightmare with? There is a solution out there than can make the latter scenario a reality.

We are talking about biometric locks, where the way into your home is...

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No one wants their home getting broken into. Especially when you have filled it with the latest gadgets and cutting edge home goods. But now those goods are giving criminals an entirely new way of getting in. With all the nice things gift wrapped by the four wall of your home, you need to take home security a little more seriously. But you also don’t want some hacker in Russia getting control of your lights, locks, cameras, and refrigerator.

Whether it is burglary or hacking, you want to be protected against it. To help you out, here is a list of some of the top tips for fortifying your smart home against criminals.



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Senator Pauline Hanson has been in the press recently with a proposal for a national identity card. This idea is not the first time it has done the rounds. – during the 1980’s Hawke proposed the Australia Card, which was then followed some years later during the mid-2000’s an idea tabled by Howard of a National Identity Card.

So what makes this latest idea new? The inclusion of fingerprint biometric identity.  So what, you may ask. But, if you think about this a little deeper, it starts to raise the issue of privacy and identity fears. More specifically, questions begin to be asked around the subject of biometrics and biometric...

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