5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Smart Lock

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The lock and key set-up is something that really hasn’t changed very much over the years, but in the days of technology being in control of everything, that is about to change. Fingerprint locks have been around for a little while now, but they are starting to advance to take advantage of how people have become so attached to their smartphones. Everyone now has a mobile device of one kind or another, so why shouldn’t we have locks that can be operated by using an app on your phone. That is exactly what you get with Smart Locks, and there are 5 great reasons why you should be using them on all the exterior doors in your house.

  1. Fingerprint control – Before we get to the smartphone technology portion of this unit, we still need to talk about the biometric control Smart Locks also offer. No two fingerprints are the same, which is why biometric locks are about as secure as it gets. Anyone but you, or other people whose fingerprints have been authorized, trying to gain access with their digits is going to be seriously out of luck.
  2. Bluetooth – This is where we get to the smartphone technology used in these locks, and it all begins with being able to connect to your Smart Lock by using the Bluetooth on your mobile device. As soon as you get within range of the Bluetooth on your lock, you will have access to all sorts of cool features, some of which we will talk about in reasons 3 through 5.
  3. Personal Identification Code – Whenever you get a new debit card from the bank, one of the first things you are required to do is create a personal PIN code that ensures no-one else can use that card without having access to your personal number. The same rules apply to your Smart Lock, as you can create a Personal Identification Code that can then be used to open your door via your smartphone. Ideal for those days when you know you are going to have your hands full after getting out of your car and going to your front door.
  4. Helpful statistics – One of the coolest aspects of the Smart Lock is that it tracks who is going in and out of your home, and at what time. Do you have teenage kids that are on a curfew? You can now check and see that they actually got home when they were supposed to. It’s always just nice to know who is coming and going from your home at any given time.
  5. Durability – When you invest in a lock that is this advanced, you want to be sure that it is going to be able to stand the test of time. Smart Locks are made from a high impact zinc alloy, which essentially means that they will stand up to a beating, and they will not corrode when exposed to the elements. These are definitely locks that are built to last.

Our latest addition, the Ultraloq, is one such Smart lock and should be considered as one of your lines of defence for residential or business applications.

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