5 Security Tips to Help Homeowners To Fortify Their Smart Homes

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No one wants their home getting broken into. Especially when you have filled it with the latest gadgets and cutting edge home goods. But now those goods are giving criminals an entirely new way of getting in. With all the nice things gift wrapped by the four wall of your home, you need to take home security a little more seriously. But you also don’t want some hacker in Russia getting control of your lights, locks, cameras, and refrigerator.

Whether it is burglary or hacking, you want to be protected against it. To help you out, here is a list of some of the top tips for fortifying your smart home against criminals.


1. Smarter Security

While you are investing in your smart home, you can go ahead and purchase products like smart alarms, smart cameras, smart biometric locks, and even smart light bulbs. All of these smart products make an effort to enhance both your overall smart home aesthetic and its security. For instance, investing in smart biometric locks helps homeowners increase their key control since they no longer have to deal with the possibility of losing physical keys.

Smart light bulbs add a protection that many people overlook. With remote control over your lighting, you can make it seem like there is always someone home. And criminals are much less likely to target an occupied home.


2. Updates and Alerts

One of the biggest pluses to having a smart home is that you can check up on it. But you can also use notifications to have your home let you know how it’s doing. In the case of smart cameras and alarms, they can let you know about attempts to undermine your security. These types of real-time updates can also alert you to unauthorized users who may be controlling your smart devices.


3. Better Passwords

We have all used bad passwords at some time in our lives. It is just the easy thing to do. Every time you turn on your computer, you have to make a new account somewhere with a password. So we streamline and make things easier on ourselves. Well, cut it out.

When it comes to smart homes, you are literally putting your property in danger, along with everything and everyone inside it. With your password, cyber criminals can gain control of your entire network. And once they are in, personal information and your physical safety are at risk.


4. Protecting Your Phone

Most smart devices are controlled with a mobile phone. It is a smart device that we all carry with us on a regular basis, so it makes sense as the universal controller for your smart home. But when you put all of that power in one place, it is even more important to protect your phone from falling into the wrong hands. Everything from phone theft to having your phone hacked could result in the demise of your smart home security.


5. Consider the Flaws

Smart technology is rather new, so most products are still trying to iron out the kinks. As a consumer, it is important to know what the limitations and flaws are with the products you have purchased. Most often this has to do with the security of your information. Very rarely do the products on the market take cyber security into account. This is why it is important to make sure that you acquire your smart home technology from a trusted source.

However, it is also important that the smart security products you use are assisted with decent physical security. In the case of smart locks, most do not replace the deadbolt that they control. This means that you need to change your locks so that they cannot be broken or overcome very easily, because then what is the point of the cyber protection?



Electronics are one of the most enticing items to criminals due to their size and resale value. But if you don’t take your smart home security seriously, having your electronics stolen may be the least of your worries.

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