Advantages of fingerprint locks for rental properties

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You often hear about the benefits of owning a rental property, of which there are many, but very few people ever delve into the potential downfalls of getting into the real estate ownership game. This blog is not about to get too specific with any of the major problems, but what we are going to tackle is what to do with your locks once a tenant leaves. Sure, they may come and dutifully hand over the keys to your place once they have moved out, but can you be sure that they haven’t made a copy of them? Imagine having a vacation rental home, and then think about the number of people that get their hands on those keys over the course of a year.

No matter how well you check out the tenants prior to allowing them into your rental property, there is always the chance that at least one of them is not going to be as they appear. Your options here involve having the locks changed every time someone moves on, which can become ridiculously costly, or having some alternative of a door lock installed that will save you a ton of hassles. The best way to achieve the latter is to make the move to fingerprint locks for your rental properties.

Depending on the type of lock that you choose, you can have upwards of 100 different fingerprints stored in the system. You are unlikely to need that many, but it may come in handy if you have a vacation property that hosts the same families each and every year. There is nothing wrong with keeping people that you trust in the system, and it saves the hassle of getting a key to them, or leaving one in a potentially unsafe lock box that can easily be picked.

Once the current tenants of your rental property move out, all you need to do is deactivate their fingerprints from the system, making it impossible for them to get back in after the fact. Furthermore, fingerprint locks can also come with a key pad that adds an extra level of security to the overall system. The whole biometric set-up is also good to have in place if you have a property management team looking after the place. Between them and the people that live in the space, you can have a lot of keys floating around out there just waiting to be pinched or lost. There is a definite peace of mind that comes from having secure fingerprint locks in place that are incredibly tough to crack.

Over the course of time, you can end up saving a nice amount of time and money by having fingerprint locks installed. Sure, traditional locks are cheaper, but when you have to change those out 2-3 times per year, you end up spending a whole lot more over the long haul. It takes just a few seconds to add or remove users from the system, and all without the expense of new locks or a locksmith.

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