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When it comes to protecting your home, you can’t really put a price on security. The problem with loading up your house to be secure is that by making it difficult for burglars to get in, you can also make it a little tougher on yourself. Do you really want to spend a few minutes opening locks, sliding back deadbolts, and basically acting as though you are trying to access a bank vault? Or do you want a secure home that you can get into easily, but bad guys will have a nightmare with? There is a solution out there than can make the latter scenario a reality.

We are talking about biometric locks, where the way into your home is granted by using the one thing that no-one else in the world has: your fingerprints. Given the way that Hollywood uses these types of locks, we understand that you might believe that they are still years in the future or that they would come at a price that really wasn’t in the budget of the average homeowner. Not only are fingerprints very much available right now, you can also get them at a price that may be more than a little surprising to you.

At this point, you are probably wondering how this technology works not to mention how it can possibly discern your fingerprint from that of anyone else. As you probably already know, we all have a totally unique fingerprint, and the technology used in these locks is able to look at the ridges and valleys in your fingerprint, turning that into a binary number that will be totally unique, too. If anyone else other than those granted access to the system try to shove their digits up to the control panel, they will be denied access.

This makes for incredibly easy access for you and your family, and you also get to save a ton of time that would normally be spent fumbling for keys in your pocket or purse. There are actually a wide variety of different fingerprint locks to choose from, and you can make access even tougher by adding a number into a keypad, or even choosing to also have key access in there if you want. These are very often the locks chosen by commercial enterprises. The choice is yours, and you will find that there is a fingerprint lock to suit every budget.

We are still very much in the early days of this technology, but it is already proving to be a huge success, thanks in large part to its affordability, as well as the level of security that it delivers. As great as it is, it’s an industry that refuses to stand still. Some of the newer locks even have Bluetooth capability, such as the Ultraloq smartlock allowing you to use your smartphone to control and log your lock. The future of residential and commercial security is now, and fingerprint locks are the way to go if you want to be on the cutting edge.

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