The Three Little Pigs

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Once upon a time, there were three little pigs who were the very best of friends. They were so close in fact, that they decided they would each buy a house on the same street. While they were great friends, they had very different interests, which was why they went about setting up their new houses a little differently.

The first little pig loved to play games, so the first thing he did was load up his favorite room with the best computers and gaming systems money could buy. His new toys were expensive, and he didn’t have a lot of money left over, so he purchased a very old, very rusty padlock for his front door.

The second little pig loved to cook, and he filled his kitchen with all the best cooking equipment money could buy, which also meant he didn’t have a lot of money left over. He decided that he would stick with the existing lock on the front door of his house.

The third little pig was the smartest of the three. He had a wife and a bunch of little piglets on the way, and he knew that the most important thing to do was to protect his family. This little pig invested in a fingerprint lock for his front door, using a system that also came with a keypad.

One night, shortly after the pigs had moved in, the Big Bad Wolf came looking for stuff to steal. The first thing to catch his eye were the bright lights coming out of the house of the first little pig. As he got closer, he could clearly hear the sound of video games being played. He knew how much money these were worth, and he rubbed his paws with glee.

Hammering on the front door he shouted, “Little pig, little pig, why don’t you let me in.”

“Not by the hair on my fat little chin,” the pig squealed back.

“Then I’ll kick, and I’ll pick, and I’ll let myself in.” And with that, the wolf took out his lock picking kit and quickly dispensed of the padlock on the front door. As he stepped in, the little pig took off running and went to the house of the second little pig.

With all the gaming equipment loaded up in his van, the Big Bad Wolf headed to house number two, where the sweet smell of dessert being made was wafting out.

Hammering on the front door he shouted, “Little pig, little pig, why don’t you let me in.”

“Not by the hair on my fat little chin,” the pig squealed back.

The wolf howled with delight, and then gave the door handle a kick with his hefty back paws. He felt something give, at which point he removed his wallet and pulled out a credit card, none of which had the name B.B. Wolf on the front. He took the stolen credit card, slid it down the door jamb, and popped the door open, just as the two little pigs scampered out in the direction of the third house.

With all the kitchen equipment loaded into the van, the Big Bad Wolf went to the home of the third little pig. He looked at the lock there and thrummed his paws on his long chin. He had visited this street before, and had seen the little pig open the door with nothing but his stinky little trotter. He placed a paw against the little screen, turned the handle, and became irate when a little red light flashed, and the door remained locked.

Hammering on the front door he shouted, “Little pig, little pig, why don’t you let me in.”

“Not by the hair on my fat little chin,” the pig squealed back.

The wolf started punching numbers into the keypad, but every time he did so, that little red light flashed in his face. The wolf was furious, and just kept pushing and pushing, until finally the flashing red light was joined by a flashing blue light reflecting off the fingerprint lock. He turned just as the police arrived at the door.

“What’s the time Mister Wolf?” the owl police officer said.

“Time to go to jail,” said the wolf, holding out his big paws to accept the handcuffs.

The Big Bad Wolf went to jail, and all the little pigs got their things back. The wolf did not learn his lesson, and headed back to that street almost as soon as he got out of jail. It quickly became clear that the little pigs had learned something, as each of the doors was now protected by a fingerprint lock, as was every other house on the street.

The wolf howled in disgust, but he soon felt better when he realized that there were plenty of other houses out there as vulnerable as the first two little pigs had been when they had moved in.

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