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Biometrics: The Future Is Here.

In the old days, access to restricted areas was granted by metal keys and locks. Then technology progressed to ID cards and PIN numbers. But now you have the ultimate in access control.


Wouldn't it be easier not to have to remember to take your keys when you walk out the front door?

With biometrics your finger becomes your key.

Haven't we all, at one time or another, come home loaded with shopping bags and fumbled around trying to get the key into our front door?

A biometric lock would make this scenario a thing of the past.

The fingerprint door locks are guaranteed to provide complete security. The lockset only recognizes live fingerprints, copied fingerprints are instantly rejected.

In fact the sensor is so accurate that the likelihood of it opening to a non-authorised fingerprint is 1 in 1,000,000. Just IMAGINE, no more duplication of keys or master keying required.


Finger Print Biometrics is becoming widely used by consumers who are now benefiting from the security and convenience these products offer.

Easily add or delete your employees fingerprints into the locks so each individual has their own access. With some of our locks you can even specify certain times of the day when the fingerprints will work, for example only allow your employees to have access between 8.30am and 6pm. Home owners can use the biometric fingerprint locks to secure equipment rooms or areas that contain important customer information.

By using these locks, you maintain complete control over who has access to areas you want to protect. The fingerprint door locks also provides you with a convenient solution to avoiding lost or stolen keys and PINs

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